New Casting Info for ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’s Cyclops, Jean Grey and Storm

Lots of casting info coming out lately for superhero movies. Since Hollywood can’t come up with any ideas that resonate emotionally with audiences, they can only count on comic books. Superheroes up the butt. Not literally because that would be an odd superpower.

Bryan Singer, director for X-Men: Apocalypse and full-time, alleged teen sodomizer, announced casting info for Storm, Jean Grey and Cyclops on Twitter.

Alexandra Shipp will play Storm.

Sophie Turner, Sansa Stark of Game of Thrones plays Jean Grey:

Tye Sheridan, who’s appeared in The Tree of Life and Mud, assumes the role of Cyclops. Guess we’ll show the dude’s face also.

None really are big name actors so where’s the firepower. Will X-Men: Apocalypse make them stars or does the movie not need it. Look at Suicide Squad, that’s a cast that  gives studios boners.

The three take over the roles from 2000’s X-Men that featured James Marsden as Cyclops, Halle Berry as Storm and Famke Janssen as Jean Grey. Since Bryan Singer directs this new one, it’s surprising he didn’t write additional roles for half-naked teenage boys running around for no reason.

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