Leo DiCaprio Hit On Dakota Johnson at the SNL Annivesary Party

Leonardo DiCaprio set his bearded sights on the girl of the moment, Dakota Johnson. Dude, that stank beard needs to go, seriously. Gnats probably fly out of that thing. Definite buzzkill for the ladies. From Life & Style:

During the bash, held at The Plaza Hotel, Leo barely glanced at rumored fling Rihanna. Instead, “he put his arm around Dakota and led her into the grand ballroom,” a partygoer exclusively tells ‘Life & Style.’ “He told her, ‘Let’s go look at all the celebrities.’”

Sounds like a line — but it worked! “Dakota looked like she was trying to play it cool, but you could tell she was thrilled to have his attention,” the witness says, adding that “out of everyone he socialized with, Leo seemed to be the happiest when he was with Dakota.”

“As they walked away, Leo took the lead and guided her through the crowd, and a small smile spread across her face.”

Happiest with Dakota Johnson? You mean all those models don’t do it for him anymore. Who has less personality, this Dakota Johnson with the acting ability of a tree stump or hot ass models who have the personalities of wood chips but at least party and do coke. The answer’s obvious. Wood chips for the win.

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