Randy Quaid Simulates Sex with Wife as She Wears a Rupert Murdoch Mask

Who doesn’t want to work in Hollywood? Cocaine, hot models and insane actors and actresses everywhere. File Randy Quaid into the insane actor category. The guy went on YouTube and ranted against Rupert Murdoch for stealing his house and smearing his good name. All this after helping them launch billion dollar movies Independence Day and Christmas Vacation. 

The best part came when he tells Murdoch “you wanna fuck me? I’m gonna fuck you”. Then puts a Rupert Murdoch mask on his wife, Evi, and proceeds to fake fuck her from behind.

Not the first time Quaid’s gone off the beaten path. He and Evi evidently have a thing against the “Star Whackers”, Quaid’s name for the Hollywood Illumanati. So is this what happens when Hollywood stars run out of work?

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