Michael Phelps Wore Women’s Underwear and Paid $900 to Get Pissed On

Michael Phelps’ love for water knows no bounds. Phelps proposed to his now-fiancee, Nicole Johnson. The former Calfiornia beauty queen better invest in ponchos because word comes out that Phelps likes a bit of the golden shower. According to the Daily Mail, Phelps paid some big bucks to have a BBW unleash a stream of piss on him. U-S-A! U-S-A!

Phelps, Petro claims, called her on his cell phone, saying his name was Fabian Marasciullo, a Miami music producer who is close to Phelps’ good friend, rapper Lil’ Wayne.

‘When he said drink some water before I get to the hotel, I knew what I was in for,’ said Petro.

‘I was going to go to the bathroom anyway – I figured I might as well get paid for it!’

When she got to the hotel she claims Phelps removed his shirt and then shorts to reveal that he was wearing ‘skimpy women’s underwear.’

They then smoked a little weed according to Petro and got down to business.

‘I got above him [on the bed] to [urinate on him],’ said Petro.

‘After I was done, he asked if it was okay to [pleasure himself]. Of course, I’m going to bend the rules a little for a famous Olympian, so he pulled down his panties.’

That is when she claims she noticed he had a string tied around his genitals.

‘I grabbed [the string] and pulled, and I also took out my breasts because he wanted to see them,’ she said.

Man, Phelps loves some crazy stuff. Water sports, wearing women’s panties, sex with intersex people. If his fiancee tried having sex in the missionary position, Phelps’ erection would form a big question mark.

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