Scott Disick Is Leaving Rehab, Rob Kardashian Is Dramatic

Scott Disick checked himself into a Costa Rican rehab for marrying into the Kardashians and becoming an alcoholic. The treatment involved the African psychedelic shrub Iboga. That was a week ago. Looks like he’s really good at rehab because he’s checking out early. Normal rehab lasts around 21 days. He’s checking out in 7. He’s like some sort of prodigy.

Sources tell TMZ that Disick has decided to leave the facility on Monday because he’s a very busy, busy man. Places to be, coke to snort, ya know?

Meanwhile, Rob Kardashian unfollowed and then re-followed his entire family on Instagram. Right after the unfollow, he posted a picture of Amy Dunne fromĀ Gone Girl covered in blood and compared his sister Kim to her. He wrote, “This is my sister kim , the bitch from Gone Girl,,,”

So in case you’re wondering, we have at least a week’s worth of drama manufactured by Kris Jenner. This is your weekly Kardashian update.

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