Rob Kardashian Had 2 Imaginary Friends ‘Until Last Year’ According to Kim Kardashian

This is a headline I never thought I’d write. Rob Kardashian has friends. I mean, yeah, they’re imaginary friends, but I had figured even imaginary people wouldn’t want to be friends with Rob Kardashian.

Kim revealed this on Busy Philipps’ talk show, Busy Tonight, which is apparently still on E! and not something she’s doing in her basement now because it was cancelled after 3 weeks like Chevy Chase’s talk show. Via People:

“My brother has — I don’t know if he still does — but he had, for a really long time, two imaginary friends,” she says.

When Philipps, 39, asks if Kim still remembers their names, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star doesn’t hesitate.

“Of course. Pablo and Ronald,” she says as the two start laughing.

That’s cute, Rob had multi-ethnic imaginary friends as a kid.

“Did you ever have an imaginary friend?” Philipps asks.

“No, but my brother literally has talked about these guys like, up until last year,” Kim says. “He has one more, I can’t remember his name.”

Oh. That is something different. That’s some Nathan For You stuff there.

That’s what Rob Kardashian is like in real life. And keep in mind Nathan For You ended with Nathan falling in love with a prostitute. It wasn’t just a comedy show, it was a stealth Rob Kardashian biopic.

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