Hilary Duff Joins Tinder, Swipes Right on ‘Shirtless Mirror Selfies’

Welcome to the real world, Hilary. Celebrity Hilary Duff revealed on the “Valentine in the Morning” on 104.3 FM in L.A that she joined Tinder and surprise, has a date lined up tonight. She also copped to talking to nine guys right now, which seems low. All non-showbiz people, what she calls, ‘normies’. Uhh, ok.

Duff also gave clues on what she wants.


Haha, well that’s what she starts off with. Of course, right? But she goes on to say she wants the guy to write something funny in the description. She swipes left on anyone with a ‘shirtless mirror selfie’. Riiight, likely story. That’s probably ALL she wants. And what does her profile say? Something amazingly funny? Hmm. No. She says her profile says ‘let’s eat pizza’.

Ok. Ask the guy to write something funny, meanwhile you want to gobble down carbs. That’s fair.

Since you likely won’t get matched up with her on Tinder, you can stare at a gallery of her boobs in a red dress.

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