Kendall Jenner Calls Justin Bieber ‘Douchebag’ and Umm, She Just Figured This Out

Kendall Jenner may be dating Justin Bieber. Perhaps. Who knows. It could be a publicity stunt. Whatever, Bieber’s feeling up Jenner so something’s going on. That is, until Jenner finds out what we all know. Bieber’s a king douchebag. Sounds like it already happened.

The two hit up Coachella where Bieber started hitting on Josie Canseco, a model (aren’t they all?) and also brought ‘girl after girl’ back to his room. You go boy! Oh wat? Anyway, Jenner wasn’t having it.

After the pop star partied at April 10’s Nylon Midnight Garden Party with Chris Brown, a witness told ‘In Touch’ that Justin was “grinding” on model Josie Canseco.

The next day, Justin treated girlfriend Kendall Jenner “like a hanger-on,” says a partygoer. “She left crying, saying, ‘Justin’s a d-bag.’”

That night, Bieber “brought girl after girl to his room,” a witness tells ‘In Touch.’

After getting kicked out of the festival, Justin ended the night by yelling, “F— Coachella!”

So, he acted like a normal guy. A young rich celeb with women lining up to meet him. Can you blame him? And if you’re wondering who this Josie Canseco is, check her Instagram.

Imagine girls like this times 10, all waiting outside to get on your casting couch. YOU wanna be called a ‘douchebag’ now, don’t you?

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