As ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ Backwards is to ‘The Wizard of Oz’, Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ is to ‘DuckTales’

At some point in the recent past, someone made a shocking discovery. In the vein of listening to ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ backwards while watching ‘The Wizard of Oz’, when you listen to the DuckTales theme song while watching Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’, it matches up eerily well. What sort of weird Disney-Satanic s**t has Beyonce got into this time?

This begs the question, who was casually watching DuckTales and made this connection? The show ran three short years from 1987-1990 and boasts one of the most incredibly irritating theme songs ever composed. Most shockingly, it’s not even available on Netflix, so you know nobody or their cartoon-loving offspring are watching. Even if this mysterious person had heard of the 2017 revival of the show for Disney XD, what possessed them to listen to the torturously repetitive theme song? Well, I suppose they were already watching Disney XD or another Disney subsidiary, so their level of tolerance was probably higher than the norm, or at least mine.

The world can be proud that this mystery Disney XD viewer/video editor/Beyonce lover put this masterpiece together for us all to both analyze and enjoy. The ‘Rosetta Stone of Choreography’ has really lived up to its nickname. While we can only speculate who you are random Internet stranger, I want to personally share my thankfulness and appreciation for the amount of times you’ve caused me to listen to the affliction that is the DuckTales theme song. As for the rest of the world, they’re just waiting for you to make a SNL Justin Timberlake appropriation.

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