More Evidence Your Life Sucks: Cristiano Ronaldo On A Yacht, Dating Italian Model

When you’re rich and good looking, the models will follow. And the yachts. And people bending over backwards to smell your s**t. Welcome to the life of Cristiano Ronaldo. He also does not suck at soccer. Somehow, the universe decided to bestow a crapload of the good life onto Ronaldo. This only means he’ll get butt cancer really soon because life evens out in the end.

For now, he’ll take shirtless yacht cruises with his hot, Italian model girlfriend, Alessia Tedeschi. Is she hot? Duh, does your life suck? That’s a ‘yes’ to both questions.

According to Italian reports, Ronaldo extended a VIP invitation for Tedeschi to jet out to Spain and watch him play, with them later spending a romantic night together

And while neither have yet to comment on rumours of a blossoming romance, it’s been said that they spent some time together in Madrid following her trek to the continental clash against Juventus.

Look at her, not an ounce of fat on her body. Bulimia really is an awesome diet.

And the rest of Ronaldo’s yacht pics to get jealous over.

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8 years ago

She’s definitely his beard, right?