This Is What Beyonce Looks Like 22 Days into a Vegan Diet

Major announcement from Beyonce! That’s what she teased a few days ago. Turns out it was another opportunity to free her fans from some hard-earned money. Also, a reason to post some online pics of her in a swimsuit.

That special announcement? She started a vegan delivery service with personal trainer Marco Borges and a new diet plan, “22 Days Nutrition”. This Borges quack started a ‘revolutionary’ 22-day diet that’s “based around a whole-food plant-based diet, and bans meat, eggs, dairy, alcohol and processed foods for 22 days – the length of time it is thought to take to build new food habits.” Bsically, they say 21 days to break bad habits and the 22nd day to start a new, hoepfully healthier, habit.

Wannnnk. Here’s a tip, eat in moderation and don’t stuff your face with bad s**t. If it comes in a package, it’s not good for you. And alcohol has a ton of calories. Do people really need Beyonce to teach them this? Sadly, yes.

These people will line up to shove their money into Beyonce’s face as if she was a deity. Are they gonna rub her belly for good luck also? If there’s any justice in this world, this new delivery service will fail, just like Jay-Z’s arrogant streaming service, Tidal.

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8 years ago

The problem with “moderation” is that’s basically choosing to consume less poison. You wouldn’t consume less of potassium cyanide would you?! But then people will try to consume lesser potions of meat, fish, eggs and dairy products thinking it would make them healthier and lose weight. They do, but it isn’t the same as stopping the practice altogether. I’ve reluctantly discovered that this true when I’ve became a vegan 2 years ago.