Perv Out to a Braless Kendall Jenner

Yesterday must have been “need more publicity” day for Kendall Jenner. You know the drill. Their publicist calls up all the photo agencies, gives them the time and location where Jenner will be and they descend on her as she pretends to go somewhere. “Our Twitter mentions are trending down Kendall.” “I know what I’ll do then” *Kendall rips off her bra”

How in the world did that blouse not fly open? You can see some sideboob but that’s just the appetizer. We need the main course. A fat breast in our face.

This is the most talentless celebrity family ever and the most genius at the same time. They took nothing and turned it into an empire. Gawd, they ARE the American Dream.

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8 years ago

(Kinda looks like a low-hanging apricot seed.) “You haven’t been getting much attention lately. So, walk around down town. Wear a thin, open top and no bra. I’ll call the guys to be there. You don’t have boobs, so let a nip slip out. Make sure they get pictures from all angles. And remember to look upset that the cameras are there. Ok honey. Gotta do a meeting. Do an amazing job! Mommy loves you.”

8 years ago

eat da booty like french fries at the bottom of a MCD bag