Why Do Nina Agdal’s Toes Smell Like French Fries?

If you have a foot fetish and love fries, Nina Agdal is your girl. Nina Agdal went on Instagram yesterday and proved supermodels…are really, really bored. Lounging by the pool, she dipped into her plate of fries for a¬†bunch of that¬†fried goodness. Then, she ate it. Shocking, supermodels who eat! Oh, that wasn’t the best part. The best part is she used her feet to pick those fries up and shovel them into her mouth. Foot to mouth, is that a new porn genre?

Afterwards, she laughed shyly, covering her mouth like a Japanese teen girl and said “I did it”. She captioned the post “My audition tape for “Denmark’s got talent”. If you ever get the chance to suck Nina Agdal’s toes, bring ketchup.

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