Yea, Right There, Nina Agdal, Riiight There

This is Nina Agdal’s ass. This is as close as you’ll ever get to it. If you see this in the morning, congratulations. You are dreaming, but it’s an awesome dream, so don’t wake up. If you do by chance ever see an ass like this, congratulations again. You’ve made it out of your mother’s basement.

Agdal posted this on Insta and captioned it “@chrissyteigen ️ #kangaroopose”. No doubt Agdal was referencing Teigen’s same pose the other day. Napping, ass exposed, dreaming about me.

Let’s get all the models into this pose-off. #Modelnapping. #NoNeedtoCreepOutside. #RestrainingOrderDontMatterNow.

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