High School Relationship Status: Kendall Jenner + Nick Jonas

Kendall Jenner and Nick Jonas are dating; remember when he talked mad game about waiting till marriage for the Disney Channel? Yeah, I just wanted us all to remember that in this moment.

I want to clarify what “dating” means in this situation, it’s basically: Kendall and Nick date each other out of convenience, no lasting relationship foreseen, slow news week for Us Weekly.

Prepare yourself for the early teen coupling map.

The two were set up by Gigi Hadid, who is coincidentally Joe Jonas’ girlfriend (nicknamed G.I. Joe by friend in common, Cara Delevingne). Us Weekly informs us through their elusive sources that really this is a move by Gigi to have her friend around all the time, “She thinks it would be fun for all of them to hang out.” The source, added,”They are all going to end up hanging out regardless, so it seems like a simple situation, which could be a lot of fun.”

Oh my god. You have got to be kidding me. Us freaking Weekly, you realize you are reporting on high school style relationship status changes? Write something with substance like, Nicholas Cage Eats a Hot Pocket.

Technically, Kendall and Nick aren’t even like official yet, “They just like made out in his car once in a church parking lot so they’re basically together.” JK that’s a fake quote by yours truly, but try denying that it could fit this situation.

Just as you would suspect, the two are getting to know each other through texting and group dates, but apparently their friends claim they were flirty from the start.

Now is a good time to make bets with your friends about the length of their relationship. Remember, she is blood related to the Kardashians.

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