Ride and Die Together, ‘Bad Boys 3’ and ‘4’ Happening

Bad Boys 3 and 4 are officially slated for February 2017 and July 2019 release respectively. I have not seen Bad Boys or Bad Boys 2, apparently I’m a monster or a unicorn… a monster unicorn. I am familiar with the “Bad Boys” song and I will dance to it at weddings.

I asked my coworkers to catch me up as quickly as possible. “What it is about,” I asked. “S**t,” responded my caring coworker. After I made an angry face, he then described it as a “comeback to revenge… well the second one. They were saving the daughter,” so basically I am caught up. Another told me I HAVE to see them especially Bad Boys 2, “but you have to see the first one first,” added another coworker. “That IS the order the stories were told,” my asshole personality required me to add.

The first two movies were directed by Michael Bay, which seem to be a big deal for the fans. I’m assuming ‘splosions were crucially important to the plot. Unfortunately, Bay will not be back to direct the slated sequels. Instead, we’ll be seeing the directorial work of Joe Carnahan, known for The Blacklist, The A-Team, and The Grey.

Jerry Bruckheimer explained how the hot and cold process of getting the films to production has been. He described that it’s been a series of getting Will Smith to agree to be apart of the film and the studio to be uninterested and then Sony will be all into Bad Boys sequels and Will Smith will be doing other Will Smith work, like purposely embarrassing his children.

Bad Boys for life.

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