Emily Ratajkowski Took Her Breasts to the ‘We Are Your Friends’ Red Carpet

They should make a game involving Emily Ratajkowski’s breasts. I’m not sure what it would be. Maybe you’d tickle her breasts on your phone’s screen. The more you tickle, the faster they jiggle. Do it fast enough and you level up. It’s also a rather perverted idea, so umm…let’s pretend I didn’t just imagine that.

Snap back to reality (props to Eminem). Ratajkowski dropped some cleavage at the red carpet for her new movie, We are Your Friends. She plays a DJ and the love interest of Zac Efron. Unfortunately, Ratajkowski’s the girlfriend of Efron’s mentor, Wes Bentley. So, Efron must choose between love and career.

I’m sure the studio execs threw them in the EDM world because they heard that’s what’s hot with the younger crowd. I cannot wait to see what levels of horrible acting Ratajkowski achieves in this movie. Hopefully, she redeems herself with a nude scene.

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