Straight Outta Compton…Kate Compton That Is

Bet model Kate Compton’s seen an increase in search traffic for her name. Straight Outta Compton is out right now and people probably click-clacking ‘Compton’ into Google. Just where is this…Compton you speak of? I’d much rather see this Compton in my search results.

Compton’s another LA model out there hustling. By hustling, we mean putting up half-naked pics on Instagram. Also, her sister looks like she’s down to party.

Is Kate Compton even signed to a legit agency? If your e-mail contact goes to, you just might be a bit lower on the model ladder. Her pictures though…

She grinds with a seat belt on in this vid.

Unfortunately, she’s look waaay too much like Courtney Stodden here. Great news if you’re a Doug Hutchinson wannabe.

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