Taylor Swift Lumbers Around LA When Not Dueting With Fetty Wap

Thank god Taylor Swift found Calvin Harris. She no longer has to physically look down at someone. Not with the 6’5″ Calvin Harris. That’ll cure her amazing giraffe neck condition. That one that always causes her to stoop down and walk around like she’s avoiding imaginary door jambs.

Here she is walking around Studio City. The photo description says she’s looking for food, or what they call in her world, ‘foraging’.

This comes the night after Swift brought out Fetty Wap to sing “Trap Queen”. Yea, the song that has lyrics about cooking pies, i.e. cooking crack. I’m sure Swift’s preteen audience had no idea what they were singing along to.

Swift tweeted that it was the “happiest moment of her life to date.” That can only mean she’s lived a very sad life up until now.

Now that Fetty Wap has Swift’s seal of approval, he’s an official Swiftie. It also means his street cred takes a big hit. Kendrick Lamar, he is not.

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