Angelina Jolie’s So Emo in Her Old Acting Class Video

Acting coaches must have the patience of saints. Maybe 10% of the actors that pass through their doors actually amount to anything. That means 90% of the time they’re stuck watching pretty girls overemote. I imagine acting coaches spend most of the class with their heads buried in their hands and lots of sighing.

Somehow, The Daily Mail found old footage of Angelina Jolie in acting class. It’s some random scene that has her  start off saying, “I have no voice!” And from there, some tears, a bit of face reddening. You also get to see pre-surgeries Angelina Jolie. It’s a fun game of identifying which facial feature Jolie chopped up. When you watch this video, it’s obvious she thinned out her nose . Her lips, surprisingly, look very natural.

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