Karlie Kloss Goes Back to School. What a Nerd!

The deeper you dig on Karlie Kloss, the more impressive she becomes. On the surface, she’s another tall ass supermodel with freak genetics hanging out with Taylor Swift. As all models are wont to do. If you don’t know by now, supermodels are genetic freaks. Unless they’re walking around with other supermodel friends, you can expect them to tower over their ‘normal’ friends. Who’s the friend that wants to be stuck next to Karlie Kloss in the club? THAT friend is being approached by sloths.

Kloss, 23, recently headed to NYU. On her first day, she Instagrammed a pic with the caption “…I haven’t been this nervous in years! 😁🍎📚✏️ #firstdayofschool”

Don’t ask me why all the celebs go to NYU. So far, it doesn’t sound like she has any specific major. According to USA Today, she’s doing some sort of independent study at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study. Riight, independent study. That’s where you go off on your own, maybe read a little and spend most of your time smoking pot. Then, come back with some BS specialty and get your degree.

Can’t hate too much on her though. She started a scholarship last year called Kode with Karlie. Why not call it Kode with Karlie Kloss? Shorten it to KKK for simplicity.

Her scholarship gave 20 kids two weeks of coding education at the Flatiron School in New York. Kloss says,

“I think it’s crucial that young women learn to code as early as possible to ensure that we have a voice and a stake in what the world looks like.”

Great, even more nerds for the next generation of guys to date. Juuust joking.

Kloss spent $20,000 on her scholarship fund. Now, twenty girls have knowledge they didn’t have previously. She’s also taking time to educate herself in school. Props to her. I’m not even gonna lie. She inspires me also. I feel inspired to write even more titty posts now. Prepare for the onslaught!

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8 years ago

I like her.

Hildegerd Haugen
Hildegerd Haugen
8 years ago

Karlie seems nice and down to earth.

Chuck Liddle
8 years ago

As far as supermodels go