Sofia Vergara’s Chest Promo’s ‘Modern Family’ Premiere Next Week

Finally, the fall TV season starts. People think modern TV is dying and that people don’t want these traditional sitcoms or dramas. Wrong, so wrong. Binge watching a 10-episode series is great, but coming home to watch your fav show on a set day has its appeal also. In other words, Sofia Vergara’s boobs bounce back onto ABC’s schedule starting next Wednesday as Modern Family makes it season 7 debut. Spoiler alert: Mitchell and Cam, still gay.

Vergara stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to remind everyone that her breasts survived summer hiatus. She talked about her recent shoot with Ed O’Neill where she dressed up as Peg Bundy and O’Neill brought Al Bundy back from the cobwebs.

She also Instagrammed a shot of her get-up a few days ago.

On the talk show, she told the audience how she grew up watching Married With Children in Colombia. She always imagined O’Neill as a sultry Antonio Banderas-type guy since the show was dubbed over there. Imagine her surprise when he turned out to not speak Spanish and not look a thing like a Latin heartthrob.

Another segment had her talking about Modern Family‘s five straight Emmy wins for Best Comedy. That ties Frasier. When you think about it, Modern Family has turned into a classic comedy for our time. What about six in a row? Vergara wouldn’t mind that, but even if they didn’t win, she said they wouldn’t be upset. “Disappointed”, but not upset.

And now, photos of Vergara taking her chest out for a walk.

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