That Dick John Lennon Mocked Disabled People, but ‘Imagine’ Makes Up for It

Is anyone surprised John Lennon was an asshole? He knew how to cut people down with his intellect. Smart guy, also really good at making fun at disabled people. England’s Channel 4 unearthed footage of the Beatle clenching his hands like claws and awkwardly clapping them together, while he twists his right leg and stomps it without any coordination on the ground. The show, It Was Alright In The 1960s, also shows Lennon affecting a speech impediment and imploring the crowd to “Clap your hands”. Left out was Lennon slapping the back of his hand against his chest and shouting “Durrrr” over and over.

Obviously, it’s not cool to make fun of any group of people. Unless they’re celebrities. At the same time, the culture was way different back in the 60’s. People still used ‘Negro’ and that other ‘N’ word. Pull up some clips of celebs back then and surely you’ll find them uttering such words. If anyone ever finds Lennon in a KKK hood, then that’ll be news.

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