Thousand-Year Old Skeleton Found Hanging Under Tree’s Roots in Ireland

You would think that the site of a massive uprooted tree caused by an extremely violent storm would be enough of an eyesore… but you would also be wrong. What if there was also a decrepit skeleton dangling from the root of the tree, in plain sight? Yeah, now we’re talking some scary s**t. That’s what happened in Collooney, Ireland recently, and archaeologists are learning more and more everyday about ancient ol’ Skeletor.

Irish Archaeology reports:

Preliminary analysis has indicated that the remains consist of young man who was between 17 and 25 years old when he died. His bones contained several injuries which had been inflicted by a sharp blade, possibly a sword or knife. He had obviously suffered a violent death, but whether these wounds were related to an ancient battle or a personal dispute remains unknown. The body was subsequently buried in a shallow east-west oriented grave and radiocarbon analysis indicates that this occurred sometime between 1030 and 1200 AD.

Another fun fact: The torso of the skeleton was pulled out of the ground, while the legs remained buried in the ground. If I would have known any better, I’d say the storm was just doing some good old-fashioned Halloween decorating. Stay tuned for more updates about the identity of our slain soldier… in question.

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