Arianny Celeste Found Her Halloween Costume and It Involves Her Breasts

You know what they say about Halloween. The one time of the year women, all women, can dress sleazy and not have it be any big deal. We need this holiday four times a year. And really, women don’t ever need to apologize for how they dress. I feel you women! Not literally. Yet.

Anyhoo, Arianny Celeste busted out some wigs for her Halloween costume. Brunette or blonde? Hard to decide which serves her costume better. What’s her costume you may ask. Judging by her captions, she’s going as Crackhead Barbie. Well, ok. If crackheads look like Arianny, I’m about to head downtown right about now.

Do you want Celeste as a blonde?

Or brunette? (I don’t like her wig here. She looks mentally deficient.)

Or hanging out with you at midnight, watching TV and eating pizza.

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