Give Will Smith’s New Rap Verse Back

Will Smith’s new rap verse in Bomba Estereo’s brand new “Fiesta (Remix)” feels about as fresh as pizza accidentally left out on the counter overnight. In the song, he raps in both English and Spanish, which displays his skill as a rapper. It really does take god-given talent to squash lyrical fluidity entirely while rapping in a vibrant language where everything rhymes.

Smith has been talking about re-entering the rap game for some time, and maybe he’s doing it with his verse on this club-driven dance song. It’s his first verse dropped in a decade and some are saying a full-blown rap comeback is on the way. He’s an immensely talented actor, but going on this verse, his rap comeback might just come up short.

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8 years ago

Pizza ACCIDENTALLY left out overnight????? You make that sound like a bad thing!!!!!