Jimmy Fallon and Jagermeister Don’t Mix

Thankfully, Jimmy Fallon got 10 fingers at birth because he’s doing his best to cut them all off. Back in July, he nearly lost his ring finger after getting it caught on a table. Thing damn near ripped off. They call it “ring avulsion” and if you want some disgusting images of it, Google image search that s**t.

Now, Fallon gets into another accident. This one involves Jagermeister. Seriously, nothing good comes from Jagermeister. In the video on Instagram, some fan hands Fallon a bottle of the alcohol. Fallon takes the bottle and as he goes back, trips and falls. Fallon’s fall smashes the bottle on the ground and cuts his finger in the process.

It happened at a Harvard Lampoon event. One witness, Ryan Schuster, said “We all thought he did it on purpose.”

Schuster said Fallon made it look like a comedy act, adding, “He got right back up and started saying, ‘Someone get me more Jäger.’”

But it wasn’t all fun and games for the fumbling funnyman, who cut his right hand badly on the broken glass.

“He was definitely bleeding,” Schuster said.

The damage was minimal this time though. He Instagrammed a pic with a caption: “Nothing that a few band aids couldn’t fix.”

Nothing that a few band aids couldn't fix.

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Maybe walking isn’t Fallon’s thing. Some celebs were meant to be carried.

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