Take Our Word, This is Christina Milian

Christina Milian took a break from filming Grandfathered to enjoy some Miami sun. Milian’s only 34, but playing a mother in the new TV show with John Stamos. Tough to be an actress and having the mother roles when you’re only in your 30’s. Milian wants to break out of the reality star box. Grandfathered will be her chance to prove it.

“Some people were worried about me doing reality type stuff because they were like ‘then you can’t come back over to the other side,’” Milian said. “And I’m like that’s such traditional thinking.”

“I don’t want to become just a reality star and I always believe you can make your own rules,” she added. “I’m sure there are other people who have done acting and reality at the same time. If they haven’t, then I guess I would be the first. I would like to be able to prove that it can be done.” 

Milian sees some of herself in the new role of Edie, the single mother on the show.

“I have a lot of things going on in my life, too. I don’t know if it’s a hot mess but it’s all very focused, I guess that’s what happens when you hit your 30s,” Milian says with a laugh. “But I just read [the script] and I thought, ‘I can relate to this character.’”

Good for her. As long as she keeps the bikini pics coming, she can do whatever she wants.

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