Jimmy Kimmel Continues Taking Advantage of Children’s Innocence for His Halloween Candy Bit

Jimmy Kimmel once again did his “I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy” bit. Not gonna like, pretty funny some of these kids. Their reactions are all genuine. There are the kids who cry, the kids who brush it off and some come up with funny retorts like one kid calling his parent a ‘turkey butthole’. Gonna have to remember that for the next date that goes bad.

Also really funny is the blonde hair kid who goes completely comatose after hearing news of his missing candy. I imagine his soul leaving his body as he lies there on the ground. Then there’s the kid who falls flat on his face. Him and the blonde hair kid need to form a comedy duo.

It’s interesting to see who’ll turn into a serial murderer because their parents betrayed their trust. Kimmel’s bit confirms what I’ve always thought. Kids are just toys and exist for our amusement.

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