‘My Bad!’ Charlie Sheen Tells Sex Partners

You sly devil, Charlie. This whole Charlie Sheen news story has so many angles you’d cut yourself wading through it. So, if you have HIV, you’d tell your sex partners I assume. If not, then this next tidbit will sound very familiar to you.

A personal assistant reveals Sheen never really disclosed his condition to some partners.

Charlie Sheen‘s former personal assistant said she believes “he never disclosed” his HIV-positive status to the parade of “Goddesses,” prostitutes and porn stars that passed through his Los Angeles home.

The assistant, who did not reveal her name, said that staffers at the 50-year-old actor’s home were “pretty good about keeping everything under wraps”

“Everything was very strict on the HIV — it could not slip,” she told Australia’s Kyle and Jackie O Show Tuesday. “I think as far as outsiders coming in — like those girls, the hookers, the porn stars — it would be a liability to disclose it to them, so I guess he never disclosed” his status.

That’s…messed…up. Sheen also sounds way calloused responding to one distraught sex partner after discovering he had HIV and didn’t tell them.

In a stunning development, Radar can also report that despite Sheen’s insistence that he notified his partners of his HIV-positive status before intercourse, in one mediation, a claimant produced bombshell text message evidence.

The plaintiff, Radar has been told, had a text message conversation that read as follows:

“How could you do this to me? How could you expose me to HIV without telling me?’”

To which Sheen responded, “Oops, sorry, I guess we’ll need to figure this out now.”

SMH. Seriously, Sheen, WTF?!? You know when you say oops? When you accidentally cut someone off on the freeway. Quarterbacks in the NFL react harder to throwing interceptions. You don’t say oops to possibly giving someone HIV. Basically, Sheen tapped his chest and said, “my bad bruh,” to this girl. Or a guy. Because it is Charlie Sheen.

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