First ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Trailer Appears Promising

As seemingly everyone eagerly awaits the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, this week brought a new reason to live–a new Chris Pine featurette.

Hitching a ride on the intergalactic train, Paramount released its first peak into July 2016’s, Star Trek: Beyond.

Taking on a starkly differently tone compared to the last two installments, it could go either way. But it certainly plays right into the camp of the Trekky fandom.

However with J.J. Abrams out (other obligations like betrayal), Justin Lin [Ed. note: He of Fast and Furious fame.] is in. Anything could happen.

Aside from Chris Pine, other legendary Hollywood treasures and eye candies resume their roles.

Let’s break it down:

Chris. Pine.

Zachary. Quinto.

Zoe. Saldana.

Idris. Elba.

At that rate…. I’ll watch. On mute. Thank you, casting.

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