Let’s All Watch This Girl SMAAASH!!…Her Face Into Loaves of Bread

We have reached the zenith of human consciousness and joy. The Department of Defense invented the Internet originally to communicate across networked computers. Then, companies served up portals with news and sports and crap you could buy. Then, cat videos.

And now this. THISSS!!!

This is a day in history where our civilization turns the corner. From human beings aware of our conscious selves into even higher functioning beings. Perhaps, we have reached, enlightenment? More evidence.

Good lord, it’s a great time to be alive. If aliens ever see this video, they’re just gonna bypass our planet and go to the next one. “All hope is lost here, Zylorg!”

Ok, no clue this girl’s name, but she gets pretty aggressive in this next one.

Each Instagram is her smashing her grill into a different type of bread. There’s Challah, Wonderbread, Palagonia large seeded twist (fancy name!) and others. Usually R&B plays in the background. Or The Cardigans. Whatever the case, she gives these buns a little meat by going HAM on them.

She moans in this video, and you know what, I’m not even going there.

This Instagrammer says about her “Breadface Blog”, “🍞giving the people something they didn’t ask for 🍞”. No one asked for it, but now, I think we all realize how much we need it. Long live Breadface!

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