Macaulay Culkin Returns As Deranged Kevin McCallister and He’s Got Serious Issues

If you thought that Macaulay Culkin wasn’t cool enough… if you thought fucking pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band wasn’t cool enough….

Just in time for Christmas, Macaulay shocks the world with a reprisal of his Home Alone character, Kevin McCallister. Having endured far too much trauma as a child, having been forgotten just a few too many times, Kevin appears to suffer from some form of PTSD.

It’s magical and if you gave any thought to the truly horrific nature of the John Hughes’ flick… the first installation delivers exactly what should be expected of an adult Kevin McCallister.

The first 5-minute clip is part of a web series called :DRYVERS, based upon the car service Uber. At the start of the episode:

Series creator Jack Dishel calls for a ride and ends up having to listen to Culkin vent about his childhood past, which sounds exactly like the plot to the 1990 classic flick.

And just like any ride with a complete stranger, things get weird. And awesome.

Future episodes will be out in 2016.

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