DC Releases First ‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer

Since Marvel has yet to give its female superheroes their own origin stories, it’s been put in the hands of DC to do so. Who else more appropriate than Wonder Woman to open the doors for female superheroes everywhere?

Following Warner Brothers’ release of their first Suicide Squad trailer, the production company snuck in the first trailer for its upcoming Wonder Woman movie during a commercial break on the CW Network’s Dawn of the Justice League.

Starring none other than superwoman, Gal Gadot, fellow badass, Robin Wright and resident typecast superhero actors, Chris Pine and Danny Huston… the movie looks like it could work.

As per VarietyGadot shares what to expect of her character in the trailer:

We are going to see her coming of age, the entire history, what’s her mission.

You mean it’s not just another story of a woman in Spandex and unrealistic body expectations set to appear in the backdrop of a man’s ultimate success? That’s totally something I buy into.

DC > Marvel

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