Ever Pissed in Someone’s Orange Juice? These People Have…and More

A new thread on Reddit asking, ‘What is the meanest thing you’ve ever done to another person?’ has blown up, reaching nearly 10,000 comments since it went up 4 days ago. And just to be clear there’s a fine line between ‘mean’ and ‘probably a serial killer.’ We’re talking petty, not Bundy. These are some of Reddit’s best and pettiest.

F**k You Isaac

I peed in my previous roommate’s orange juice for trying to get with my girlfriend at the time. If you’re reading this, f**k you Isaac.

Moral of the story: Don’t try to sleep with redditor Lorgan’s girlfriend.

Never Leave Your Facebook open.

Friend of mine who is not very good with the ladies once left his fb open on my PC and I was raging drunk. I found the profile of this cute girl he was crushing on, went to her pictures, scrolled back two years to a summer album and liked a picture of her in a bikini. I don’t think she ever spoke to him again.

Moral of the story: Don’t be friends with fuegolatino, who is the worst.

Don’t Speak Ill Of The Dead

Not sure if this counts: I went to the Viewing for somebody that I despised and when I made it through the line to the casket, I leaned in close and whispered “I’m glad you’re dead.”

Moral of the story: Learn how to let s**t go, otherwise you’ll end up like Mi_Ofelia who literally insults corpses.

Vintage Passive Aggression

This was in the early 90s. I had a computer class in High School with a teacher who clearly did not understand computers. Meanwhile I was rocking a custom PC at home that I built myself. So this class was…easy. I would finish our worksheets that were supposed to take the whole period in 5 minutes. Then I would just f**k around. At the beginning she didn’t mind. But after awhile she started to resent me and started sending me out into the hall a lot, kicked me out of class a few times, gave me bad grades on s**t for no reason, stuff like that. She was a petty, stupid fucking bitch.

Despite all of our problems, I was one of the few computer literate people in that class so she actually had me do a lot of TA type of stuff when I would finish my work early. One day towards the end of the year she asked me to format and copy files on 40 some odd floppy discs for an assignment next year. What I did instead was open the little metal slider and just scratch the s**t out of the disc surface. I painstakingly did this for all 40-50 discs she gave me and didn’t say anything. I left it as a nice surprise for her next year.

Moral of the story: You go Barry McCackiner. Hell yeah.

Oh Reddit, you never let us down.

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