Lana Del Rey Gets Restraining Order Against Out-For-Blood Russian Fangirls

So we all have heard stories about crazy fans, but these two crazy Russian girls that are stalking Lana Del Rey are next level.

They have hunted her down, threatened her, and slept outside her house screaming. They have even left her rambling letters threatening suicide and violence.

Nataliia Krinitsyna and Iuliia Vladimirovna Pozdina went so hard that Lana even moved entirely, and they fucking found her again.

Like, ok, I also feel the urge to lay on Lana Del Rey’s lawn and scream, in a cosmic way, but I wouldn’t actually fucking do it.

Lana has hired a full-time bodyguard as well as off-duty LAPD cops for protection, and has just officially gotten a restraining order from them. These two crazy bitches must be 100 yards from her at all times.

If these two (insert Russian stereotype) harpies cut off Lana Del Rey’s skin and wear it before she can put out another album, they’re gonna have worse things to worry about than prison. And by that I mean: ME.

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