Ricky Gervais and Mel Gibson Need to Star in a Buddy Comedy

For some reason, the Golden Globes brought Mel Gibson onstage to present. Were they looking for fireworks between him and Ricky Gervais? Back at the 2010 Golden Globes, Gervais introduced Mel Gibson, saying “I like a drink as much as the next man. Unless the next man is Mel Gibson.”

This year, he searched for something nice to say about Gibson. After a seconds-long pause, Gervais remarked that he’d rather have a drink with Mel than one with Bill Cosby. To which Gibson replied that he doesn’t mind seeing Gervais once every three years because it reminds him to get a colonscopy.

Get some talc, Gervais, cuz you just got burned! *hisssss* Oh what, I could’ve done without the “hiss”? Ok.

Gibson also intimated physical violence against Gervais. Gervais again came out, drink in hand, while Gibson was about to speak. Gibson told him:

You don’t need to leave your drink here. I’ll put you to sleep another way, son of a bitch.

Yup, perfect buddy comedy. Gervais is the cheeky, fish out of water, Brit who’s visiting Gibson in the States. Gibson plays the filthy mouthed, anti-Semite who wishes Gervais would get “raped by a pack of n*ggers.” I envision, a road trip movie.

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