Sign the Petition for a Full-Length Season of Snoop Dogg Narrating Nature Footage

If you’ve never heard Snoop Dogg narrate nature footage, you haven’t lived. Stop everything and watch Jimmy Kimmel’s segment, Plizzanet Earth.

The video in and of itself is amazing. Anything with Snoop Dogg? A million times better.

Full of trademark Snoop Dogg mannerisms and some very relevant Wiz Khalifa references, Plizzanet Earth is exactly what we need. To get more where it came from, Kelly Ooton of Lincoln, Nebraska, took to the ever popular petition making website,, to rally her message.

With Snoop on board, someone needs to make it happen big time. 19,579 supporters shows that the people want it, but do you know that you need it?

Take some time out of your day, sign the petition and immediately unsubscribe from all future emails for unless you want to be guilted into signing at least 3 petitions every day for the rest of your life. And I’m more than certain that few things are as important as getting Plizzanet Earth on the air in full-length.

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