Taylor Swift Started Crying When This Happened, Selena Gomez Had to Comfort Her Too

How many years will Taylor Swift rule? She’s still only 26. She’s got a career that could last a lifetime. As long as she stays thin and moderately attractive and white. Cameras caught her crying at the Grammys. Everyone was asking why. Well, no one really was asking because no one knew. Until now! Dun dunnnn…

Here’s Swift crying.

She has all the hallmarks of someone dropping some tears. Dabbing her eye, the sniffing and..and…Selena Gomez resting her head on her shoulder to say, “I support you girl.”

Supposedly, Swift started crying because she missed a note during her performance of “Out of the Woods.”

*wanks* I guess it’s good she’s a perfectionist, but it’s like they say, you can’t catch all the fish in the ocean. You think I cry when a post isn’t funny? Nah. I don’t even give AF. I’m not here to make anyone laugh, I’m here for the boobs.

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