Ukrainian Woman Ends Meeting by Spraying Colleagues With Breastmilk

Have you run out of ideas on how to get out of that unnecessarily grueling meeting without having to fake your grandmother’s death for the fourth time? Well, get your head out of your ass. Make people not want you to be at that meeting. Fart on your boss. Spit ball your coworker. Do whatever you have to do, but take note of what this creative woman tried in her attempt to end a meeting.

One fed up Ukrainian woman was caught on tape arguing with her colleagues when she decided she had had enough. As per a Reddit translator, before spraying the uncooperative men with her breastmilk, the woman yells:

I can’t take no more, I want to go home. Declare a break!

Allegedly, before the incident the meeting had been going on for fourteen fucking hours. In fourteen hours, you could watch the entire Godfather trilogy twice, get 70% through all of Lord of the Rings with extended cuts, fly to Israel or take a really successful nap. Fourteen hours is far too much time to spend doing any one thing for one day.

Fourteen hours is excruciating no matter how you cut it, but from what I’ve been told by breastfeeding mamas, having breastmilk sit in your titties while your body continues to produce more just plain hurts if your parasite or a pump isn’t there to relieve that pressure. In truly innovative and heroic action, the woman vows to end the terrible meeting one way or another, even if it’s by grossing out all her male colleagues.

Well done! I’ve never hoped for spontaneous lactation more than for my upcoming family party. We’ve been talking in bigoted circles for far too long, bow down in fear of my bosom.

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