Women Weaker Than Men? Watch Female Shark Eat Male Shark

Women are capable of some of the most remarkable feats known to man. Whether it’s pushing the entire human species through our vaginas or having them physically cut out of our womb, we brought you into this world and we will fucking take you out.

In the third grade, I was on the bus on the way home from school when the painful pang of hanger struck. Sitting next to me was the annoying neighbor kid who had always wanted to be friends, but being the reclusive bitch that I am, I gave him nothing more than a smile in hopes that he would leave me alone for the rest of our lives. It never worked. He sat down next to me and in the social ineptitude of a third grader, he started to poke me, breathe on me and annoy me in various ways by the sheer weight of his existence. So after what I can only assume was a decade, I snapped. I screamed at the kid through my hungry tears, trying my best to mimic my mother’s anger at my father in the years leading up to their divorce. And what did I scream? Leave me the f**k alone or I will fucking eat you!!!!!!!! Had the bus driver not slammed on the brakes and ushered me to my private seat of sweet solitude, that kid would have been my breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next week.

I have never felt more validated in my actions than when given the support of the animal kingdom. After a female tiger shark at COEX Aquarium in South Korea took it upon herself to eat the smaller, but no less annoying, male occupying her precious space. In front of a full audience no less. Dinner and a show.

After an entire a day digestion, the gallant female was left with just the tail of her kill hanging from her mouth. In a few days, she will regurgitate what has been cannibalized since she isn’t capable of fully digesting her meal. Not even good enough to eat.

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7 years ago

Yay, more misandry. You and Isadorah are made for each each other.

Prince Phillip Anon Harris
Prince Phillip Anon Harris
7 years ago

Unfair advantage, he’s all sexed out, and completely defenseless.