Shark Lives the Dreams of Middle Aged Women the World Over, Almost Gets a Bite out of Josh Groban

Josh Groban is currently in South Africa touring to promote his new album, Stages. 

Touring is notoriously stressful, so I guess Josh here figured he’d unwind by almost getting his face gnawed off by a fucking great white shark and instagramming it.

He went swimming with the great whites and he almost didn’t make it out. A look at the video of this big ass shark tryna get all up in his protective cage.

If that shark got at him it would have been a tragedy, not particularly because of his music, because the only thing I’ve ever heard him sing is Kanye West’s tweets, but for another reason. The world almost lost someone adorable enough to refer to a giant fucking shark mouth coming at him as a shark trying to “give him a kiss.”

Josh Groban is too good for this world. Too pure.

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