George Clooney Might Be Done With Acting

The day has finally come. The end of days is nigh. George Clooney sat down with Page Six and broke the tragic news that the end of his acting career is on the horizon. For the last 22 years, Clooney has shown us time after time again in ER, Burn After Reading and Descendants that his versatility is unprecedented, unmatched and unquestionable. And sometimes, you do just get better with age.

Unfortunately for us though, Clooney’s message is lost upon him. The camera has become a growing insecurity in his life as Clooney states:

It’s a very unforgiving thing, the camera is, and so aging becomes something you try to do less and less onscreen.

Going on with his shocking revelations:

As you age onscreen you get to that point where you really understand you can’t stay in front of the camera for your whole life.

What?! Someone shut him up and shut this down before other people get wind of this.

So if he’s going to quit acting? What is he going to do? Dedicate his life to breaking down gender roles by being a house spouse for his gorgeous Amal? He’s not throwing in the towel on Hollywood completely, just depriving us of his grace on screen. The actor intends to indulge us with his inclination to switch to directing:

It is my great love. And I’ve had really great success and had some not so successful films, and that’s also part of the experience. But what I’ll say is it’s really fun.

Well, isn’t that nice? You’re not going to give me any new film with your beautiful face on it and instead you’re going to have fun?

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