Kanye West Is Allegedly Into Both Sufjan Stevens And Pirating Music Editing Software

I have a lot more in common with Kanye West than I thought. Only one of us is probably gonna be assassinated by Kris Jenner, though.

Ye’s most recent f**k up started out unlike most of his f**k ups, totally unexpectedly. He tweeted a screengrab showing him listening to Sufjan Stevens on youtube. If we lived in a perfect universe, this would mean a Kanye-Sufjan collab is on the horizon.

Cuz we live in chaos, he seemed to accidentally out himself as a Pirate Bay user, the same torrent site he recently threatened to sue. Tidal artist Deadmau5 zoomed in on his tabs to discover that West may have downloaded an illegal copy of Xfer Records music editing software, Serum.

So not only is a Tidal artist listening to s**t on youtube and probably illegally downloading s**t, but Deadmau5 is the cofounder of Xfer Records, meaning that Kanye was stealing from somebody he knows.

According to sources close to Kanye, this was an elaborate joke on Kanye’s part, which is some kind of commentary on how often TLOP got illegally downloaded. Considering Kanye makes new crazy s**t up every 11 minutes, I don’t buy it.

In typical Kanye fashion, he got all pissed off at Deadmau5 for calling him out, which if this was a joke, wouldn’t anyone have laughed at any point? At least Kanye’s twitter jibes at Deadmau5 were not entirely unfunny.

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