That Katy Perry/Orlando Bloom Fling Is Heating Up

And here we thought it was a one night stand. Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom got together on Golden Globes night. Reports had them talking really close, likethis, so you know they did it. He put his peen into her vajajay.

Afterwards, they thought, this isn’t so bad. Our peen and vaj mashing together. Perhaps we should take them to Hawaii. And they did.

There’s Orlando’s stomach folding in on itself and Perry stomping alongside him.

Now, word comes out that Bloom took Perry out to meet his mother.

The Lord of The Rings actor took his pop princess to meet mother Sonia over a hearty meal at the Stag and Huntsman, a traditional pub in the centre of a village near his home in Buckinghamshire.

Another customer told the Sunday People : “They were laughing and joking and Katy and Orlando’s mum were getting on like a house on fire.”

So, Perry has a type. British people. First Brand, now Bloom. That’s fine. We’ll trade you Perry for Kate Beckinsale straight up.

At least Perry is giving Bloom some hope in his life. A couple of years ago, sources said Bloom hated the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, hated Lord of the Rings and spent too much time partying. Now that he has Perry, he can go be the boring person he always wanted to be.

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