World’s Worst Monster Katy Perry Recommends Having Empathy With People You Disagree With, What a Bitch

Can you believe the nerve of Katy Perry? I mean, the absolute gall of this woman. What she did is so beyond the pale I don’t even know if I can bring myself to saying out loud.

Okay, I better just get it out and tell you. Katy Perry said that we should be nice to our friends and family who voted for the person we did not vote for. Have you ever heard something so outrageous in your entire life? I was appalled, personally.

Can you believe that? Lots of people on the internet couldn’t.

Now, this line of thinking might make sense to you, but the problem here is it assumes that the Democrats are any better in any regard on any of these issues than the Republicans. Oh, the Republicans are homophobic? Barack Obama publicly opposed gay marriage while he was president. This wasn’t some distant past, this was the last Democratic president who left office less than four years ago. You’re mad Donald Trump put asylum seekers in camps at the border? Barack Obama built those camps for that purpose.

You can’t claim the moral high ground based on who you’re voting for because both parties are equally bad. No, Joe Biden is not better and more decent than Donald Trump, no he is not going to do more to help the disenfranchised, he has spent his whole life disenfranchising those people. You’re just not going to pay attention to politics for the next four years and assume everything is great because the blue hat guy won.

Katy Perry is right. You don’t hear that every day, but it’s true. You have to exist in a world where people disagree with you. You can be morally right and still be an asshole, and if you’re the one screaming and ranting about your family’s politics at Thanksgiving, well, then, you’re the crazy uncle everyone wants to shut up. Congratulations.

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2 years ago

The left is angry and thinks it has some moral high ground. They don’t. It simply does not exist in politics. It just changes over time. And social media proves it time and again.

We need more decency.