COVID’s Most Crushing Loss: Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s Big Extravagant Wedding

COVID has been rough on all of us, but especially Americans. 20% of COVID deaths have been Americans, despite America having just 4% of the world’s population. That’s what you call America exceptionalism. USA! USA! USA!

But perhaps the greatest loss that will affect us the deepest as a nation is the big fancy wedding Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were planning.

Us Weekly reports that Perry and Bloom have postponed their wedding indefinitely, proving that even rich celebrities aren’t safe from the ravages of COVID.

“Katy and Orlando’s wedding will not be taking place in 2020,” a source exclusively tells Us Weekly. “It just wasn’t meant to be. Their beautiful daughter arrived and she is their sole focus. Planning for any wedding has been put on hold. It will happen, but it’s just not something they are focused on as a couple currently.”

Now, Perry and Bloom could just have a private ceremony with a small number of close family members, like the one that probably killed Ruth Bader Ginsburg. But what good is being a celebrity if you can’t invite a thousand people to a wedding and then call it “small” and “private” and complain that paparazzi tried to ruin your big day?

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