Naomi Watts Is Climbing Donald Trump’s Wall and Shailene Woodley Won’t Talk Politics

With Donald Trump as all that anyone can talk about between breaths of Kardashian press, let’s do some more of that. There couldn’t be a more fitting time to lengthen political discourse and dystopian novel parallels than right now. At the premiere for the third Divergent movie, Allegiant, Naomi Watts gave an extended analysis:

Veronica Roth wrote these novels before all of this took place with Trump. But it’s fantastic that the fan base gets a little bit more than what they bargained for, and a little bit more of a conversation, perhaps.

Stars of Allegiant, Naomi Watts and Shailene Woodley, were asked their thoughts on Donald Trump considering such poignant parallels between the dystopian scene and our current political climate.

Woodley had the most to say. When asked about her thoughts on Donald Trump, she divulged:

I think a lot of things. Let’s talk about the movie.

When asked about the movie, she again had a lot to say:

There’s a lot of messages.

Give Shailene Woodley’s PR rep a raise for that training in interview etiquette. Naomi Watts, on the other hand, was more clear about her thoughts. Watts, who plays the series’ power hungry dictator, unafraid of speaking her mind and treading on people’s liberties, she showed more of her political colors:

In case I get stuck on the other side of the wall, I have a harness, and I have been practicing rock climbing.

But where is the other side? If Trump becomes our president, I think the USA becomes the other side and we better haul our asses south of the border and find our new home. It wouldn’t be the first time a bunch of white people stole land from a bunch of brown people.. why not do it again?

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Perry de Havilland
8 years ago

Any actress who *refuses* to talk politics is a refreshing change from the usual proforma drivel so many spout.

8 years ago

Naomi Watts as ignorant as ever. Head for Mexico Neomi you will not be missed. Just another movie I’ll be missing. This franchise needs to kill off Naomi’s character.