‘The Legend of Tarzan’ Is Exactly What You’d Expect and Nothing Else

While the last trailer we saw for this summer’s The Legend of Tarzan focused more on the beautiful developments of Alexander Skarsgard’s body and the African jungle it was supposedly created in, the newest trailer takes the time to tease out the plot line.

The densely packed film loses none of its cinematic showmanship. Alexander Skarsgard stars as Tarzan, now living as John Clayton III, Lord Greystroke, in turn of the century London. He’s married to his timeless beauty of a wife, Jane, played by the equally timeless beauty, Margot Robbie. Now that we have two trailers, some of the pieces come together.

Christoph Waltz, cast as the villain, is our Captain Leon Rom. Waltz hones his greedy ingenuity to return to the jungle in Congo. Samuel L Jackson is somewhere in the movie also

Long story short… A good looking man saves the day. Again.

There’s no punches here. No trendy socially conscious tactics employed in a reimagined kind of way. It’s formulaic. Packed with stock characters. And it’s much, more more of the same summer movie we get every year.

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8 years ago

Eric Northman ftw