UFC Star Jon Jones Goes Off on Cop, Calls Him ‘F**king Pig’ and ‘Liar’

Awww, Jon Jones, you were doing so well. UFC finally cleared him to come back after his hit-and-run incident got resolved. With his title fight only a month away, Jones made it back into the news. Luckily, he didn’t crash himself into a pole and run away with dollars spilling out of his pockets.

What he did was even more dangerous though. Jones got caught on video calling a cop a “fucking pig” and “liar.” Tsk tsk. You know how sensitive cops can be. There’s not gonna be a referee to stop any whoopin’ a cop puts on you.

It happened last week in New Mexico. Albuquerque police pulled Jones over for allegedly drag racing. Jones disagreed, saying he only “revved his engine to acknowledge a fan who was alongside him on the road.” That doesn’t sound like drag racing to me.

Not to Albuquerque police though. Once the cop pulled Jones over, they got into a heated exchange.

Jones: “Calling my lawyer, to ask him about this paper work. I’m sure I have the right to do that, buddy … f**kin’ liar. I can’t believe you.”

Cop: “Well believe it, cuz I’m not joking.”

Jones: “For no reason. F**king with me for no reason. What’s your name?”

Cop: “Officer Brown. It’s on your ticket, sir.”

Jones: “Can’t f**king believe you. You’re ridiculous.”

Cop: “Just doing my job.”

Jones: “No, you’re not just doing your job. You’re f**kin’ picking this Corvette out for no reason. Blaming me for all this sh*t that you know isn’t true.”

Jones: “You’re ridiculous … I used to really respect … f**kers like you.”

Cop: “You’d rather I just turn my head and let you be a nuisance to the citizens?”

Jones: “I am not a nuisance to the citizens.”

Cop: “I have sworn to protect the citizens from people like you, Mr. Jones. Please don’t dig around in your car.”

Jones: “I was looking for a pen. Give me the f**king sh*t. Can’t believe you. Ridiculous.”

Cop: “Well believe it. Cuz it’s the truth, sir.”

Jones: “Ridiculous. You’re a f**king liar. Good luck trying to prove that I was speeding because you know that I wasn’t.”

Cop sounds like a dick right off the bat with his loaded question: “Why you drag racing that Cadillac?” Ha, yea, so have you stopped beating your wife? Points to Jones for saying, “I didn’t drag race that Cadillac.”

Also, check out the cop nonchalantly cleaning and picking at his fingernails while questioning Jones. That cop likely recognizes Jones and is on a power trip. He also tells Jones to “cut the attitude.”

It’s a ten minute video so grab some popcorn.

This was shot from the cop’s body camera. Since cops have body cameras, why didn’t they include the full video to include the engine revving part? That’d give everyone more context. It’s like those road rage videos. You always come in halfway through and never really know whose fault it is.

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